September 30, 2020

You don't need worriers in your life to magnify the dilemmas, you need problem-solving warriors.

Who are you surrounded by worriers or warriors?

"Worriers operate out of a common fear known as non belief."

They are petrified of the unknown and critical thinking skills are not the go to plan to get things under control.

"Individuals are paralyzed with indecision and no remnants of intestinal fortitude in sight."

Meanwhile...The warriors are on the frontlines of valor fighting for everything they believe in.

They defend the voiceless, imprisoned, and the brokenhearted.

The warrior never retreats or leaves anyone behind in battle.

To worry on a repetitive basis is a clear sign that your critical thinking skills are out to lunch, on vacation, and have left the building ,You must leave anxiety behind.

"Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States". 18.1% of Americans between the ages of 18 and older which is equivalent of 45 millions adults are diagnosed each year.

2.8% of the workforce is absent from work on regular work days due to stress and burnout.When worry and stress begin a partnership and grows into a dysfunctional routine.

During times of uncertainty and change, We tend to worry.It is ok to worry a bit, that's normal.The problem of worrying becomes a battle when it stops you from:

1) Living life on your own terms
2) Making sound business decisions
3) Maintaining your physical health
4) Cultivating healthy relationships
5) Creating a stress reduction plan
6) Building self care routines
7) Practicing emotional wellness
8) Staying organized and eliminating chaos

"Remember, worrying is an emotional response to not having a strategy that results in a plan of action. "Also remember it takes courage and strength to possess the heart of a warrior.We all have rough days.

However the deciding factor comes down to becoming a living example of conquering fears, overcoming obstacles and destroying challenges.


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