About Tinamarie Rodriguez

Since 1998 Tinamarie Rodriguez has proudly served her community in many capacities. She is a national expert in the field of self-empowerment and leadership development.

Tinamarie is a beacon of hope traveling the world sharing her “Life is a gift” brand teaching personal and professional systems that build excellence.

As a heart-led speaker she demonstrates a history of overcoming some of life's most difficult challenges.

Tinamarie Rodriguez is the author of the forthcoming books:” “The Empowerment Systems that Build Excellence”, “The Journey of Me in PIECES” and “Miss Throwaway from SUNSET PARK”.

Since 1991, Tinamarie has created communication based curriculum and signature programs for conference goers and attendees helping meeting planners achieve desired outcomes and learning objectives.

Tinamarie works daily researching, communication styles, behavioral disorders, self-development, trauma related deficiencies, emotional and empathy intelligence, the laws of human nature, readiness preparedness, educational techniques, global human rights and the history of women in leadership.

Her background and experience has put her center stage upholding peace, being a champion for the under-dog and an advocate of the voiceless.

She has acted as a trusted advisor to some of the most prestigious servant leaders in the business community, city councils, senators, and borough presidents within New York City.

Her compassionate and patient style allows attendees to visual goals,take charge of their objectives and follow a road-map on the journey to a successful destination.

Serving as CEO of Tinamarie Speaks LLC, she is a seasoned entrepreneur and her career endeavors range from being a Crisis-Intervention paraprofessional, Special Education teacher, a Sergeant serving in the NYPD, Auxiliary Police Officer, Community Liaison for the Office of Emergency Management and for New York FEMA 1 CERT, Facilitator for Ready New York for Kids, Immigration Paralegal, Academic Director and Counselor for Special Needs children and adults.

Tinamarie Rodriguez has worked with some of the most successful corporations throughout the United States and abroad.She specializes with an affinity for helping to develop municipalities on a local,regional,state and national level.She has also been very successful at delivering service excellence to small,medium and large-sized organizations.

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