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Tinamarie Rodriguez delivers the world’s leading self-empowerment and leadership speaking programs.

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Signature programs

Tinamarie’s style is heartfelt, no-nonsense and completely result driven. She speaks from a place where real-life
experiences are inspire by examples of true leadership and passes that along to everyone that attends her strategic
work sessions. Tinamarie has mastered the art and science of understanding what an audience is hungry
for and feeding that hunger with a passionate presentation that is tastefully packed with factual dialogue that moves
people to immediate action. Tinamarie delivers thought provoking and high quality presentations that are nothing short
of knowledge transfer at it’s finest.Learn more by downloading Tinamarie's speaker info kit here.

Conceptual based empowerment

-Discover brainstorming techniques that are relative to solving problems that will usher in a new era of business

-Remain competitive and competent with reliable thought patterns of communication

-Learn the power of team collaboration and broaden your perspective through unifying your organizations

Vision based empowerment

-The road to an adventurous journey starts with the discovery of your true purpose

-Stand out in a world full of distortion and provide the unadulterated truth

-Learn to conquer division and separate non-productive activity of procrastination

Destiny based empowerment

-Achieve excitement of career choices and improve decision-making skills through mind mapping and visualization techniques

-Spark new ideas and institute a successful planning model and light a blazing fire for a new generation

-Big picture thinking starts with the simplicity of an exit strategy

Knowledge based empowerment

-Become more efficient than ever before by accessing multi tiered resources that make the multi skilled professional more effective

-Gather information, transfer knowledge and download data that move people into immediate action

-Create a strong partnership between theory and practical application. Experience life long learning and continuous education

Learn how Tinamarie's presentations can help your organization grow.
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